Getting Started with IDCMP

Connecting with IDCMP for re-licensure can be confusing. We are here to assist you in navigating this process. Important to note, some of this can take time so it is highly recommended that people start the process as soon as possible. We have found that those who have made an appointment within three days of conviction have faster and smoother outcomes.


Documents needed:

  • Court Sentencing Order (must have prior to screening)
  • Certified DMV records from New Hampshire, the state their drivers license is issued if other than NH and any state that they have ever been convicted of a DWI.
  • Arrest report
  • Arrest narrative
  • Documentation of breathalyzer, blood work or refusal to submit to chemical tests.

Note: Failure to provide necessary documentation in timely manner may result in delays of reinstatement of licensure and missed deadlines for court orders that lift suspensions.

Payment for Screening

Two money orders will be required for the screening:

  • $75 money order payable to Blue Heron Neurofeedback and Counseling
  • $70 money order payable to State of New Hampshire Treasury

Hardship Waivers                    

If you collect any of the following, we can waive the state fee but not the Blue Heron Neurofeedback and Counseling Fee:

  • Social Security Disability
  • Social Security Supplemental Income
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). This needs to be the full TANF not just food stamps.
  • Old age Assistance
  • Aid to the temporarily or totally disabled.
  • Veterans’ benefits.

Note: Social Security retirement does not qualify. If you collect SSI or SSDI the documentation must be a copy of the your annual benefits letter from social security which states the amount they receive. It also must be the most current letter. We cannot accept a copy of your bank statement showing the deposit or past letters. For the state fee to be waived you will need to provide documentation prior to the screening.

All Payments for Screening are Due Prior to Screening.

Screening Results

Pending the results of your screening, history of driving records, and circumstances of your DWI, the State of New Hampshire may require a follow-up assessment with a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor and the development of a Service Plan which may require additional counseling. If this is the case, appointments can be made with one of our clinicians after your screening has been completed. Also, counseling sessions can be scheduled through Blue Heron Neurofeedback and Counseling. 

Scheduling the IDEP CLASS

  • Class can be scheduled AFTER the initial screening has taken place.
  • Payment for the IDEP Class is collected before enrollment.
  • Payment for the class is $300. This is reduced to $150 if they collect any of the above benefits/assistance.
  • Enrollment in the IDEP class is on a first come, first served basis with payment reserving a spot.
  • Classes are scheduled when enrollment numbers have been met.