Outpatient Counseling 

The professionals at Blue Heron Neurofeedback and Counseling Services provide Person Centered and holistic outpatient therapies. Through Person Centered care individuals will be treated with dignity and respect while moving towards their personal goals. The evidence-based approaches utilized by the clinicians on our team are designed to build upon the strengths of the individual for more effective and sustainable outcomes. Whether seeking assistance in coping with substance use problems, anxiety, stress, symptoms of depression, or any other reason, the professionals at Blue Heron Neurofeedback and Counseling Services will match you with a clinician you can feel comfortable with in order to help you along your journey of healing and recovery.    

Medication Assisted Treatment 

Evidence has shown that Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for substance use disorders can assist individuals by reducing cravings while they focus on developing the foundations of recovery. Individuals involved with the MAT services at Blue Heron will receive counseling with licensed professionals to assist in moving forward in recovery. Blue Heron Neurofeedback and Counseling Services offers individualized care with a team of providers who maintain a high level of communication in order to enhance outcomes.  


Neurofeedback is a specialized treatment designed to help a wide variety of mental health and substance use disorders. Neurofeedback utilizes advanced computer technology for balancing and optimizing your brain. It is a fun, interactive and engaging treatment that helps you strengthen and retrain your brain to a healthier, more focused state. 

Impaired Driver Program 

Blue Heron Neurofeedback and Counseling services is a New Hampshire approved Impaired Driver Care Management provider. Through this service we assist individuals in meeting the states criteria to regain their New Hampshire drivers license following a DWI charge. Blue Heron Neurofeedback and Counseling provides the screenings, assessments, classes, and counseling you need to have your driving privileges reinstated.